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EzProjectTracker is used to track project deliveries using an agile process, it supports multiple projects, sprints, epics, stories, tasks, and more. It has a modern user-interface, and comes fully loaded with features and reports

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Agile Software Process Management

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Sprints per Project
  • Global Team Member List
  • Per Project Member List
  • Backlog
  • Story Board
  • Easy Story Task Creation and Maintenance
  • Email Notifications and Support
  • Timesheet Management
  • Timesheet Approval
  • Timesheet Entry
  • ...and much more.


An agile process is a process of software development that allows for changes and adjustments to be made during development in order to ensure that the final outcome of the software initiative meets the requirements expected by the users. In the old days, companies deployed a different approach or process for software development called waterfall. The waterfall process had its pros and cons. It required that companies allocate a substantial amount of time prior to starting the software development effort to create the specs for the software. The specs could take months, during which development is placed on hold until the specs are finalized and approved. The biggest problem with the waterfall approach is the loss of time and effort every time there is a mis-understanding of the requirements by both, business analysts and developers. Mistakes in specs and develpment are not discovered until that part of the process is completed. Whenever a problem is discovered in the specs or implementation, that part of the work has to be revisited and re-worked in order to correct the flaw, and that could delay the delivery of the product significantly. Companies struggled quite a bit with this process, which always resulted in more time to complete a project than the initial estimation. A new process was introduced to the world of software develpment called AGILE. And this process was quickly adopted by companies, and over time, it became tye process adopted by almost every company that develops its own software.

What is Agile you ask?

Agile is a software develpment process that is flexible as the name indicates, in that it eliminates implementation issues that proved costly under the waterfall approach. Using agile, mistakes are discovered quickly, and adjustments can be made immediately to specs and to programming in order to ensure the delivery of the correct features that the users expect. The power of agile also gives users the opportunity yo re-think the way they expect the software to work. Because they can immediately experiment with the newly developed features, they can make adjustments, or request a change in behaviour to be made by the development team in order to improve the usability and functionality of the software as it is being developed.

In order to deploy the agile process, companies must follow certain steps in order to ensure the process is deployed properly, and every member of the team is aware of every aspect of the development process. This involves maintaining an initial list of features that are expected to be implemented, allocated those features to sprints, break these features into tasks and subtasks, assigning these tasks to various team members for completion, tracking progress of the assigned tasks, maintaining the backlog as necessary in order to add, modify, and or delete stories as needed. This process requires collaboration, tracking of features and progress, tracking of team members capacity, and more. Unless a company uses an agile project tracking software, this can prove extremelu difficult to maintain. If the company uses a good agile project tracking software, this process can be a breeze.


  • Create and maintain projects
  • Create and maintain a backlog of stories for each project independently
  • Create and maintain sprints per project. A sprint is a development cycle that has a starting and and ending date for development of specific features and/or stories.
  • Allocate backlog stories to sprints
  • Create, update, and delete tasks per story within a sprint. Tasks can be created for every unit of work that must be worked on by the various team members.
  • Track every team member's capacity and load by sprint, and by project.
  • Generate and view burn-out charts for visual view of the progress of a project
  • Generate progress charts
  • Allocate company resources and move around different projects
  • Allocate resources across multiple projects
  • Maintain categories
  • In addition to many other features, reports, and utilities.


Proposing a project idea and carrying through with it is a complicated process that requires organization, planning, resources, follow-up meetings, agility, and more. The vast majority of software companies nowadays implement an "Agile" process in order to ensure a successful delivery of their software products. Agile is a process used to ensure that the end result of a software development effort does not produce a product that does not meet the intended requirements of the final product. The very basic concept of agile is to ensure that the development effort does not sway away from the intended target of the project, and allows for changes and adjustments to be made along the way to a correct and proper delivery of the final software project. This is where a project tracking software comes into play, the role of such software is to make it easy for a company to manage its software development milestones, resources, deliverables, budget, and more, it should allow for flexibility, and ease of use, with security features in place to prevent unwanted access to these resources.

EzProjectTracker is an advanced project development tracking software with all the features that are expected of such software, and with rich set of built-in reports that that can be quickly generated and viewed to obtain a realistic view of the progress of a project, the milestones achieved and not achieved, the capacity of each available resource, and more.

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